How does your team demonstrate that they are getting the work done?

We believe in open and honest communications throughout the project and beyond. We regularly share updates in the form of progress photos, time-lapse photography, face-to-face meetings, email, phone calls and via social media.

How do you ensure that I won’t be surprised with hidden extras along the way?

As building specialists who have been operating in the Port Macquarie and Mid-North Coast region for over 40 years, we have established strong relationships with many suppliers and have a very accurate understanding of the costs associated with a range of products. We always allow for quality products in our formal quote and if a lesser product is used due to supply issues, we will refund that difference back to you.

What happens if I want to make a change during construction?

As soon as you consider making a change during the building process, we recommend that you communicate with us immediately. Even if it is just an initial thought, the sooner our team know of your intentions, the sooner we can address them. The later you request a change, the more difficult and more expensive it can become.


When you contact us, we will organise to meet and have a no-obligation conversation to discuss your requirements. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share with us your vision, your ideas and your concerns, as well as asking us about our business and our track record.

To assist us with mapping out costs and timelines you should aim to have this information on hand at our meeting:

What are your thoughts on design?

Do you have images/floorplans/products to show what you like?

Do you have a budget in mind?

Does the construction need to be complete by a set time?

Are you aware of any issues regarding planning or the land?