Granny Flats Northcorp Building

Granny Flats

We build independent living units that focus on accessibility, functionality, aesthetics and longevity. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you don’t need to worry about the welfare of your parents.

They will appreciate the privacy and separation from your home, while you both enjoy the benefits of a safer living environment and lifestyle flexibility.

Getting Started

When you contact us, we will organise to meet and have a no-obligation conversation to discuss your requirements. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share with us your vision, your ideas and your concerns, as well as asking us about our business and our track record.

To assist us with mapping out costs and timelines you should aim to have this information on hand at our meeting:

What are your thoughts on design?

Do you have images/floorplans/products to show what you like?

Do you have a budget in mind?

Does the construction need to be complete by a set time?

Are you aware of any issues regarding planning or the land?